Ivory Fantasy   

 The new Style of Piano Music!

- Classic music need not always be Classical -

Would we connect Michael Jackson with traditional lullabies? And what has an earthy Delta blues to do with the mood of a Norwegian dawn? To find the answers to these questions we need to look into Ivory Fantasy, the latest project of the artist Nina McIntire, who is compositionally fusing the most famous works of great masters of past centuries with modern hits. The result is an incredibly revolutionary style of modern popular music, written for piano and piano/percussion, producing a sound which is so unique, so dynamic, so explosive, the resulting sparks burst into a musical display of fireworks that must be seen and heard to be believed.

- Artistic Vision -

Through the vision of the world oriented citizen and with the idea that the humankind is essentially one and has to live together as a family, I chose in my artistic mission to celebrate the wholeness of the diversity of the world's unique cultures, emphasizing humanistic and environmental aspects. To reach, inspire and uplift the spirits of as many people as possible, I created a unique style of music which overcomes stylistic boundaries and unites the essentials of diverse types of music. I fuse my act with colors, lights and visuals of my videos, explicitly created to the music, to illuminate the unity of mankind as we share the stewardship of this unique and fragile planet. - Nina McIntire -