My Friends, it is a great pleasure and privilege to share my music with you. Thank you all for the kindness, passion and generosity of your words.
With Love Always, Yours, Nina

Ivory Fantasy - Sparkling Gem!

I am passionate about your music - pure goose bumps.

I particularly like the jumpy, the unexpected twists and subtle jazz influences in the interpretations - very exciting!

In this world there are gifts we receive, as human beings. Rare and precious, like diamonds. You are such a gift. Plain and simply exquisite in its form, you have transported me to a different place, a different time. Thank you, Nina.

I'd be willing to bet that you've been told a thousand times, but I want to say it anyway ! What you do with music and how you interpret sound is just amazing. I love the way your melody glides through the air, encompassing images and movement to create an ethereal bouquet of sound and light.

Your style frees the imagination, with a noteworthy talent! Thanks to you Nina!

Sehr beindruckend fand ich die Arrangements klassischer Klavierliteratur mit heutiger Rhythmik und Melodiefuehrung, die einerseits die Groesse der Werke aber auch andererseits deren Variabilitaet erlebbar machten. Diese zeitgemaesse Adaption beruehrt auch Klassiklaien sehr emotional.

Very impressive I found the arrangements of classical piano literature with today's rhythm and melody, which on the one hand allowed to experience the bigness of the Great works, but also on the other hand their variability. This contemporary adaptation touches also the classic laity very emotional.

Thanks for the joy of your music. I've watched all your videos...even the duplicates. Eager for more!

Simply marvelous! Amazing precision and speed! Thanks for sharing your fantastic music!

I really like your style of interpretation...very unique and warm!

Here you can feel the joy radiating from the keys!

I just love your animated enthusiasm when you play...such fun to watch as well as to listen to. Thanks for the joy!

Wow beautiful!! I love how you get into the music and dance with it!! Awesome! I've never seen anybody so excited when they play piano!

Excellent! Bach might roll over, but I loved it!!!

Eternal youth and the fire of rock and roll emanate from you. Nice work. I'd like to see all your concerts and see all your wild musical imagination.

Dear Nina, you have a heart of gold and your music sparks the soul.

Congratulations for all your success in breaking a tough musical barrier...the fusion of classical music with a collage of other genres as rock, pop, jazz, country, and more. This new style of piano playing and your videos is sure to set the world on fire! All my best!

Rock! PLEASE...more hot piano stuff like this...I LOVE it!

Thanks for the positive emotions that come from you and your soul. Score - EXCELLENT!

The visual is so beautiful!!!...and I love the way you are so immersed in your music... Russia DOES have talent!!!

You are FANTASTIC!!!

BRAVO Nina... pure FIRE, SOUL and HEART!

Dear Nina san, many my friends who watched your video message got a comfort from you and felt love, serenity and peace in their minds. All of them are appreciating your message to Japan very much. It is really a Requiem Mass from you.

I am Japanese. Wonderful music. I was impressed. It is so deep and beautiful prayer for our Japan. Thank you very much Nina!!!

The expression of Nina's interpretation of Tchaikovsky's music marries the emotions we feel with the devastation in Japan.

You know well of delicacy of our heart, with much love and compassion.

You are watching us gently, reaching out your warm hands to all of us.

Beautiful angel! Thank you Nina!! Love to you!!!

You have a great Russian heart!!... Thanks, you are wonderful...!!

deeply moved...

Thank you for your Love Song. Your prayers are reaching to Japanese people. Much love from Japan.

Nina, I am listening to your wonderful piece again. Thank you so much for your prayer to our Japan!! God bless You!

Beautiful video and love the music, thank you! Love should be extended to all those who are in need of feeling loved! Thank you so much, ニーナ! Love from Japan

' Brilliant ' ... 'Beautiful ' ... ' Moving ' ..... are not enough!!!